History can be boring when you know exactly what is going to happen. It is much more fun picking a start point and seeing what your mind can come up with to make a different part of the world come alive and be more than what it was and is. Using the strategic games to create a time-line for your alternate universe is one way of giving the background to your country a kick start. Using special points in history as start points by giving them a different outcome is another way to start your world. Then all you need is a bit of time and patience to make it all come alive.

This is my first try at creating something like this, so all the mistakes are mine. Remember that any mistakes may have been made on purpose to support some idea of mine in the unreal world I have created. More of these alternate countries allied to the Australis timeline will be added as I get to them. They will be like Australis in that it will be the naval side of the new world that I focus on. Control of the seas is paramount to trading interests.

 I'm happy to answer questions that these worlds may raise. Contact me at nigevids@gmail.com

A note for all. While all of these battleships and cruisers guns could fire 25,000 yards out to 45,000+ yards, the longest ranged hits achieved were by the Warspite's 15" on an Italian Cavour class battleship in the Mediterranean at about 26,000 yards. The same distance approximately (26.500 yards) was achieved by the Scharnhorst against the Glorious off Norway in 1940. The Warspite's 15" fired 29,000 yards at 30 degrees elevation (Navweaps) while the Scharnhorst's 11" guns fired a maximum of 44,760 yards at 40 degrees elevation (Navweaps). Capital ship actions after 1940 were mainly night actions (Guadalcanal, Matapan) or bad weather (Scharnhorst-v-Duke of York) where distance was not a factor. Later (1944-45) where the advances in RADAR made achieving a hit at longer ranges than 26,000 yards a possibility, there were few or no enemy battleships left to try out the new equipment on. Most well known actions started at 20,000 yards (River Plate) out to 25,000 yards (Denmark Strait) but hits were not achieved till the ships were closer together. By 1944 battleships had been reduced to fire support ships or big AA escorts. It is a sad fact for battleship lovers that the Japanese developed an 18" AA shell for Yamato.

In searching for a map that I can rotate I have run across this mans work: https://www.jasondavies.com/maps/rotate/

My own personal 'parts sheet' where I keep all of the odd turrets and other equipment I use on my drawings: Parts Sheet 22/05/2024    (open, right click and 'save image') updated and added to regularly.


(See Updates page for complete list)

18/04/2024 - I have been reviewing some of the older drawings, still remaining, and those countries that I have yet to refresh. There is the odd one to do, but most are pretty good. A lot of the made up countries I have done, I have used actual events and 'lost' continents to provide the stage for sets of drawings (Panagaea, Zealandia, Tyrrhenia, etc.) Quite frankly I am running out of ideas. I quite like the 'lost' continent theme as I can mix and match styles of ships and try different ideas. If you know of a 'lost' earth continent that I have so far missed and would like to offer some ideas as to what should be next I would love to hear from you - nigevids@gmail.com

22/04/2024 - Added new drawing IJN Taiheiyou to the Special Cruisers page.

Thanks to all those who replied to my request for ideas. They were varied and well thought out and presented. The one I am going to have a look at doing is the idea 'thaw out Antarctica'. Being me I took the idea a step further and decided that the best way to do that would be to alter the Earth pole to pole by 30 degrees, which would take Antarctica up into the fun zone. But it would also move the rest of the continents by the same amount and give a whole new map. The Earth could be rotated 30 degrees either way, North to South, or South to North, giving different results each way. The other point is to pick a meridian line that does the least damage to the map when rotated. I doubt my US watchers would be happy if the US became the new 'Arctic' region.  I don't want to alter the axial tilt as that gives us the seasons we know and love. Now all I have to do is to figure out how to do that in a sensible way. Wish me luck!  (If anybody has some good mapping skills and software I could sure do with some help.)

25/04/2024 - Added the new page "Rotating the World" I am working on Antarctica as can be seen by this Index pages header with the 18" battleship Captain Scott.

Today in New Zealand and Australia is ANZAC day. Were we remember our fallen comrades from all the battles NZ has been involved in for the last 110 years. It is especially poignant for me as two of my Great-Great-Uncles died in ANZAC Cove within 5 minutes of each other. A family tragedy.

26/04/2024 - Added ANS Captain Scott to the Antarctican Navy page. And so it begins.

28/04/2024 - Added ANS Major Amundsen (CV) to the Antarctican Navy page.

29/04/2024 - Added Antarctican Navy Beginnings to the Antarctican Navy page.

03/05/2024 - Added ANS Admiral Byrd to the Antarctican Navy page.

04/05/2024 - Added ANS Captain Ross to the Antarctican Navy page. May the fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars day!

05/05/2024 - Added ANS Commodore Peary to the Antarctican Navy page. Added ADV drawing to Peary class.

07/05/2024 - Added ANS Commodore Bancroft to the Antarctican Navy page

09/05/2024 - Added ANS Captain Shackleton to the Antarctican Navy page (you may notice that the ship names are all Polar Explorers - my homage to those very brave men and women.)

12/05/2024 - Added ANS Lord Admiral Hillary  to the Antarctican Navy page.

13/05/2024 - Added ANS Admiral Barents (BB)  to the Antarctican Navy page.

15/05/2024 - Added ANS Captain Dumont (BB)  to the Antarctican Navy page.

18/05/2024 - Added ANS Commodore Baer (BB)  to the Antarctican Navy page.

20/05/2024 - Added ANS Captain Franklin (BB)  to the Antarctican Navy page.

22/05/2024 - Added ANS Captain Cook (BB)  to the Antarctican Navy page. Last of the Big Boys Toys.

24/05/2024 - Added ANS Captain D'Urville (CB)  to the Antarctican Navy page.

26/05/2024 - Added ANS General Frobisher (CVL)  to the Antarctican Navy page.

29/05/2024 - Added ANS Captain Furneaux (CV) and Antarctican Aircraft  to the Antarctican Navy page. (more aircraft to come later)

30/05/2024 - Added ANS General Hudson (CVL)  to the Antarctican Navy page.

01/06/2024 - Added ANS Major Lennon (CV)  to the Antarctican Navy page.

02/06/2024 - Added ANS Captain McClintock (CVE)  to the Antarctican Navy page.

05/06/2024 - Added more to Antarctican Aircraft- which should now be complete - to the Antarctican Navy page.

07/06/2024 - Added ANS General Albanon (CV) and ANS Grand Admiral Weddell (CVA) - to the Antarctican Navy page. Last of the carriers.

08/06/2024 - Added write up for the Grand Admiral Weddell class carriers.

09/06/2024 - Added ANS Captain Mikkelson (ACR)  to the Antarctican Navy page.

09/06/2024 - Added ANS Major Manahan (ACR)  to the Antarctican Navy page. Raining cats and dogs - no golf today!

10/06/2024 - Added ANS Commodore Christensen (CL)  to the Antarctican Navy page.

12/06/2024 - Added ANS Admiral Saunders (CL)  to the Antarctican Navy page.

14/06/2024 - Added ANS Captain Worsley (CL) and ANS Senator Bransfield (CL) to the Antarctican Navy page.

15/06/2024 - Added ANS Brigadier Bjaaland (CL) to the Antarctican Navy page.

16/06/2024 - Added ANS General Gerlache (CL) to the Antarctican Navy page.

17/06/2024 - Added ANS Colonel Kolchak (CA) to the Antarctican Navy page.

19/06/2024 - Added ANS Grand Admiral Rea (CA) to the Antarctican Navy page.

20/06/2024 - Added ANS Commodore Hornby (CL) to the Antarctican Navy page.

21/06/2024 - Added ANS Captain Noble (CLA/FC) to the Antarctican Navy page.

23/06/2024 - Added ANS General Markham (CB) to the Antarctican Navy page.

24/06/2024 - Added ANS Colonel Klink (CL) and ANS Senator Larsen (CLA) to the Antarctican Navy page.

26/06/2024 - Added ANS Admiral Wilkins (CB) to the Antarctican Navy page.

28/06/2024 - Added ANS Lieutenant Lyakhov (CDC) to the Antarctican Navy page.

29/06/2024 - Added ANS Major Middendorf (CDB) to the Antarctican Navy page.

01/07/2024 - Added ANS Sapphire (DD-LRE) to the Antarctican Navy page.

03/07/2024 - Added ANS Simonov (DD) to the Antarctican Navy page.

04/07/2024 - Added ANS Tigris (DD) to the Antarctican Navy page.

05/07/2024 - Added ANS Hayes (DDL) to the Antarctican Navy page.

06/07/2024 - Added ANS Swan (DD) to the Antarctican Navy page.

09/07/2024 - Added ANS Muller (DD) to the Antarctican Navy page.

10/07/2024 - Added ANS Hearne (DD) to the Antarctican Navy page.

12/07/2024 - Added ANS Ronne (DDL) to the Antarctican Navy page.

14/07/2024 - Added ANS Mercury (DD) to the Antarctican Navy page.

15/07/2024 - Added ANS Sirius (DDE) to the Antarctican Navy page.

18/07/2024 - Added ANS Balantines (DDL) to the Antarctican Navy page.



If you do happen to find a broken link, or a link to the wrong page, could you please e-mail me and tell me thanks. I am only human and I do make mistakes.


Thanks to you all, for your continued support of my Site.


Major Powers - (those countries that produce capital ships of their own, these are the real life Major Powers.)


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South America - (Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay)


Other Countries - (Unaligned Minor powers not noted above - Thailand,  etc)


Battleship of the 21st Century:   My idea of what a battleship/battlecruiser built this century may look like. 


Maps of my World:   Maps of Europe, South America and North America, Africa showing the changes I have made. 


Whittles World: Where jet engines arrive early and mean aircraft carriers need some new parts.


SB Challenges:  Unaligned drawings done for Shipbucket challenges.


The Sea Battles.  This is where I will put the battles pages of the various participants and the results.


Updates: the list of updates from above will be saved to this page. Readers can follow the update sequence.

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