Sea Battles


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This is where I will list the battles and dates of the Allied -v- Axis ships and fleets as and when I think of them and sort them into order. I do not think it would be too good to sink the same ship twice or have the same ship appear in two places at one time. (Click on the link for details)


20/08/1939 - The Battle of the Straits of Magellan - opening salvoes. (Chile -v- Argentina)

30/08/1939 - Chile executes 'Pirates' - Argentina declares war. (Brazil declares with Chile, Uruguay with Argentina.)

01/09/1939 - Germany attacks Poland - England (plus Commonwealth) and France declare war.

04/09/1939 - The Battle of Uruguyan Shelf (Argentina -v- Brazil)

17/09/1939 - The Battle of the Irish Sea (Germanic States subs -v- UK CV's)

10/09/1939 - Argentina lands troops on Falkand Islands (Las Malvinas)

12/10/1939 - The Battle of the Falkands (Argentina & Germanic States -v- Allied Fleet)

14/10/1939 - The Battle of Tristan Da Cunha (Germanic States -v- Allied Fleet)

21/10/1939 - Breakout of the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau (GS -v- UK)

13/12/1939 - Battle of the River Plate (BC & cruisers -v- Battleraider)

09/04/1940 - Norwegian Campaign (1st and 2nd Battles of Narvik)

20/05/1941 - Battle of Denmark Strait (version 1)

13-14/11/1942 - Battle of Ironbottom Sound (CA -v- CA)

12/02/1945 - Battle of Vin Nguyen (UK -v- Jap)







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