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Action Stations!

I have had a copy of the computer wargame Action Stations since the very early 90's. It is a DOS based game and if you can find a copy it is well worth having. I use it for all my trial ships to see if they will perform as I expect against all enemies foreign and domestic.  I have worked out how to alter the stats the game uses for each ship so that you can add in your never weres and save them as new types. 

My version of the German H39 class with 12x15" and 5.1 dual purpose does a lot better than its original armed sister. 

The game has scenarios "River Plate", "Denmark Strait" etc and the ability to alter the scenarios by swapping in and out ships of both sides. One of my "Battle-raiders" at the River Plate completely hoses the 3 UK Cruisers, whereas the later supposedly better Cruiser P does no better than Graf Spee originally did. 

It can be a lot of fun and throws up a lot of interesting results as we now know the true armour schemes and armour thicknesses rather than the official 'bullshit' put out by various governments to make their ships sound better than they were (an American habit when reporting armour thickness on their battleships. 16-18" side armour on the North Carolinas to Iowas?? really??) or to report the incorrect size of the ships to keep within treaty constraints (something the Germans had a real problem with, Prinz Eugens over 14,000 tons standard, how could you miss your design by 40%?? By comparison the Bismarck from 35 to 42,000 tons is only a 20% cheat factor), or the fastest things afloat, (Italy and France put your hands up!!) the poor Italian commander who was chased down and sunk by HMAS Sydney a 32 knot ship must have wondered where his supposed 5+ knot advantage had disappeared to.


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I would like to thank all contributors to my efforts here. Whether your contributions were knowing or unknowing I thank everybody again and again for the assistance all the photos and drawings have been to my creation of my never were fleet. 

I have borrowed from so many sites that it is impossible to name names individually, hence my global THANK YOU.

I am a physically handicapped person and this 'hobby' has been a sanity saver during those days when I have needed to lose myself in something where the concentration is completely centered on something other than pain.




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