Those powers that build up to cruisers or have their ships built for them.

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Hellenic Republic - Hellenia's ongoing disputes with Turkey fuelled the Hellenic Navy's expansion.

Netherlands - The Dutch navy expands in the face of Japanese expansion.

Scandinavia - Scandinavia draws the eyes of the Germanic States and Russia, but has the resources to make conquest expensive.

Polisthovia - Polithstovia was stuck between a rock and a hard place with the Germanic States on one border and the Soviet Union on the other. How long could they survive?

Iberia - Iberia lacked the resources to build up its own forces and having to import materials made the costs of new ships exorbitant.

Galicia - the ongoing land and border disputes with Russia spilled over to control of the Black Sea ports controlled by Romania.

Ottoman Empire - Vastly reduced in size by the Geneva Great War Tribunal, the Turks were used as another buffer zone against Russia.


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