Major Powers

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These are the countries that build their own Battleships, Aircraft carriers and other smaller warships, while supplying the rest of the world with ships.


Australis - (The Federation of Australia and New Zealand, diverging from this world about 1810 to produce the Australis Navy)


Southern African Navy - (Includes original South African Navy, fully created from 1920.)


United Kingdom - (Royal,  and other Commonwealth navies. Includes Australis and Southern Africa as being part of the Commonwealth Navies.)


Japan - The Japanese had been fighting since 1936 and they had been on a war economy since then.


Confederate States of America - The South rises again.


Commonwealth Union of America - Northern Union States and Canada combine for a new superpower


United States Navy - 2022 edition - My version of the Continental United States Navy


Germanic States - (Scapa Flow scuttling never took place so what does what is left look like in the 1930's-40's) Old Germanic States drawings.


France - (France was the Navy most affected by WW1 and it is interesting to see what can be made for them)


Italy - (Smallest of the Major powers but with grand illusions)


Russian / Soviet Naval Ships - (Soviet - Russian warships that may have made it to sea with a bit more forethought)


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