Russian Naval Ships 1900 - 1945


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Imperial Navy
Ships (INS)  Soviet Naval Ships (SNS)

Battleships / Battlecruisers

Where a lot of navies had older battleships and pre-dreadnoughts that could be rebuilt for ancillary duties. The Soviets did not inherit such ships. 6-7 years of neglect meant that all the old ships were good for was the scrap heap. The Soviet leadership had no understanding of naval affairs and could find no reason to spend billions of roubles on a part of the armed forces they did not think was needed.

 SNS Sovietsk Soyuz 2 1941-43
INS Borodino 2 1916
 SNS Odessa 1


 INS Imperator Nikolai I 2


 INS Gangut 6


Aircraft Carriers


Cruisers (Armoured / Heavy / Light / AA)

INS Kagul 6 1932-34

INS Rurik

2 1908/10


Destroyers (Leaders, Escorts)