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Command Emblem of the CUA Navy


Jack of the CUA Navy



The Union Navy utilises a lot of what are "United States Ships" in that other universe. With most of those it will be just copy/paste unless there is something I think that could have been done better at the time. I understand the need for the halt on instituting new weaponry designs so that those in production could be mass produced as retooling is what takes the time. The one event I would like to change for that is to upgrade the 5"/38cal singles and twins to the 54cal model before fixing production or even replace them with either the UK 4.5" (in my twin turret model-see CUS Columbia for details) or 5.25" which the CUA Navy would have access to through its Canadian Commonwealth connections. That connection could give some interesting combinations for the smaller ships.

The CUA Navy policy is survivability for its battlefleet and so never built battlecruisers only battleships. Even its early scout cruiser force was made up of armoured cruisers rather than the true scout/light cruiser used by other navies as the eyes of the fleet. It was not till 1923 that the CUA started receiving a class of 'light' cruisers that were half as big again as any of the British or German equivalents.


Class Name No. First Date Page Address (Click on thumbnail for page view)
Aircraft Carriers
John Adams 1 1921
Washington 2 1926
Rhode Island 2 1928
Thomas Jefferson 2 1932
Andrew Jackson 4 1936+
Abraham Lincoln 24 1941+
Spruce 38 1941
Ulysses S Grant 12 1942+
Theodore Roosevelt 6 1944+
Woodrow Wilson 6 1944+
Battleships / Battlecruisers
CUS Michigan 2 1909
CUS Delaware 4 1911
CUS Alberta 4 1913
CUS Quebec 4 1914
CUS Vermont 6 1916
CUS Pennsylvania 4 1917
CUS Manitoba 4 1918
CUS Columbia 3 1936+
CUS Massachusetts 4 1940+
CUS Montana 4 1943+
Cruisers (Heavy, Light, Armoured, AA)
CUS Boston (AC-TS) 4 1908
CUS Providence (CL/A) 10 1917+
CUS Detroit (SC/CA) 12 1923+
CUS Salt Lake City (CA) 2 1928+
CUS Philadelphia 6 1932+
CUS Wichita 8 1937+
CUS Honolulu 8 1938+
CUS Anchorage 16 1941+
CUS Chicago 24 1941+
CUS Augusta 15 1942+
CUS Vancouver 6 1944+
CUS Belmont DD 84 1917+
CUS Appalachia DD 2 1926
CUS Collins DD 16 1930+
CUS Miller DD 24 1933
CUS Frankford DD 32 1937
CUS McLean DDL 24 1938
CUS Huntington DD 180 1941
CUS Lawson DD 48 1944
CUS Drummond DDL 24 1945
CUS Colborne DDE 140 1941
CUS Maitland DDE 160 1942
CUS New Hampshire (TS-ADV) 4 1906
CUS Hawaii (Mon) 4 1932
CUS Huron (FCC) 24 1944+


Brooklyn Navy Yard in the 1930's


Pride of the fleet CUS Montana ready for trials.


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