CUS Abraham Lincoln (CV-1941+)


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The Abraham Lincoln class won the Naval war for the Allied Powers. To have 24 large, 110 aircraft capacity, aircraft carriers being completed in the period 1941 to 1944, out produced every other nations output for the war. Japan was trying to produce the Unryu class as their 'production line' type but could not match the output of the CUA, the carrying capacity of the Unryu was also too small to make them effective against the CUA monsters. The Germanic States built some fine aircraft carriers but they never really had a chance against the sheer numbers arrayed against them.

The class was ordered as a pair of improved Franklin Pierce class ships. The GALT limits had been removed and with the news of the size of the Japanese battleships and by how far the Japanese had flagrantly thumbed their noses at the 'Treaty' limits the gloves came off the CUA Navies building programs. The first 2 of this class were laid down in October 1938 with completion in December 1941, a further 3 were ordered in May of 1939, a further 5 in September 1939, another 5 in December 1939, 5 more in June 1940, and a final 4 in October 1940. A total of 24 ships the last of which were completed in 38-40 months with last completion dates in June 1944. The class was replaced in production by the even bigger Theodore Roosevelt class.

The armament is shown 'as completed' and all of the class received more light 40mm and 20mm mountings under refits. From 1943 the numbers of 20mm started dropping in favour of more 40mm weapons. Post-war the light armament fitted was the automatic twin 3".


Displacement 38,800 tons std 51,700 tons full load
Length 899 ft
Breadth 98 ft (hull)
Draught 29 ft
Machinery 4 shaft steam turbine, 150,000shp
Speed 32 knots
Range 15,000 miles at 15 knots
Armour 4" side armour, 1.5" deck armour, 1.5" FD
Armament 16 x 4.5" (8x2)

40 x 40mm (6x4 8x2)

58 x 20mm (58x1)

Aircraft 110
Complement 3500 (with flight crew)
Notes CUS Abraham Lincoln


Six Lincoln class carriers with two Grant class light carriers to provide the anti-submarine duties. The wooden flight decks and thin armour on the flight deck meant that when the Kamikaze aircraft hit one it went through to the ships vitals with some spectacular results. Three of the class were damaged beyond repair while several more were put out of action for varying lengths of time due to Kamikaze damage.

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