CUS Frankford (DD-1937)


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Last class of Fleet Destroyers built prior to the outbreak of WW2, Four squadrons were completed till the type was replaced in production by the Huntington class War Emergency design. The class was an improvement over the previous Miller class with a bigger hull to take the three twin turrets and for the first time the quintuple torpedo mounting made its debut in the CSA Navy.

The propulsion system increased from 40 to 45,000shp which with a slight increase in speed from 35 to 36 knots. One of the main changes was raising the torpedo tubes from the main deck to one deck higher so that they were not subject to wave interference for the crews at launch time.


Displacement 2,100 tons std 2,800 tons full load
Length 361 ft
Breadth 37 ft
Draught 12 ft
Machinery 2 shaft steam turbines, 45,000shp
Speed 36 knots
Range 7000 miles at 15 knots (900 nm at 35 knots)
Armour Nil
Armament As built

6 x 4.5" (3x2)

6 x 40mm (3x2)

6 x 20mm (6x1)

Torpedoes 10 x 21" (2x5)
Complement 205
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