Germanic States

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These are my never were vessels of German origin. I am yet to finalise in my mind the borders of the Germanic States. Some of the ships will be copies of what I have done for Argentina and other Minor Powers, the GS style of the same class will have all of the latest equipment some of which may have been under the 'secret' label and not available on the export models.

I have done some major changes to the layouts and classes of the Dreadnought fleet through to the end of WW1. I have replaced all of the wing turret layouts with superimposed turrets. This has the advantages of reducing the number of turrets per ship, and also the number of turrets required to produce the same broadside. Only requiring four turrets instead of six (on he Nassau and Ostfriesland classes) is a major saving in cost. The other way to look at it is if you used the saved turrets for new ships, the Germans would/could/maybe have had 30-40% more ships. I have only added one Armoured Cruiser, and two Battlecruisers to the list of actual ships for the German Navy. The major change to the battleships is to have three of four of the Bayern class completed before wars end, with the fourth ship completed soon after (1922).



Germanic States (KM)

Class Name


First Date

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Aircraft Carriers

KM Graf Zeppelin (CV) 2 1936+
KM Baron Von Richtoften (CV) 5 1940+
KM Vaterland (CV) 2 1942+
KM Goering (CVL) 4 1943+

Battleships / Battlecruisers

KM Hindenburg (BB) 1 1943
KM Bismarck (BB) 3 1939+
KM Scharnhorst (BB) 2 1936+
KM Graf Von Roon 2 1938
KM Graf Spee (BC-R) 3 1933+
KM Mackensen (BC) 1 1918-1923
SMS Baden (BB) 4 1916-1923
KM Konig (BB) 4 1914
SMS Hindenburg (BC) 2 1916  
SMS Derfflinger (BC) 3 1914-15  
KM Seydlitz (BCR) 1 1913 No longer used.
KM Kaiser (BBR) 3 1912-13
SMS Helgoland (BB) 4 1911
SMS Anhalt-Dessau (BC) 3 1910+
SMS Nassau (BB) 2 1909-10

Heavy / Light / Anti-aircraft Cruisers

KM Munich (CL) 4 1944
KM Breslau (CLA) 6 1943-44
KM Magdeburg (CLA) 4 1942+
KM Moltke (CB) 6 1939+
KM Von Der Tann (CA)


KM Riddermark (CC) 6 1936+
Neurnberg (CL) 3 1935
Koln (CL) 3 1931
Emden (CL) 1 1926
Wiesbaden (CL) 2 1922
Admiral Schroder (CL) 2 1919
Frankfurt (CLA) 4 1917+
Blucher (ACR) 2 1909


KM Z51 (DD) 16 1943+
KM T-100 (DD) 12 1940+
KM Z25 (DD) 24 1940+
KM Z9 (DDL) 16 1936+
KM Z1 (DDL) 8 1932+
T-60 (DD) 32 1938+
T-31 (DD) 24 1934
T-01 (TB) 18 1928
G85-H145 types (TB) 14 1917+


S-100 (SB) 350+ 1934+
A-01 (TB) 34 1927+
Bremse (ML) 2 1930
Brummer (ML) 2 1938
Luchs (FB) 12 1925



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