KM Moltke (CB-1939)


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The Moltke class large cruisers were identical through the 6 ships except for the main armaments where 1 group had 8x12", another 8x11" and the last 12x8.2". The first two groups utilised turrets removed from the old battleships of the Westfallen and Kaiser/Konig types. With a power and grace that only cruisers have they benefitted from being built under the no limits era.

With a good anti-aircraft armament with the tri-axially mounted 4.1" then 37mm and 20mm for the lighter weapons. The ships best feature was the 4 triple sets of 21" torpedo tubes but these also had a set of reloads.

The two groups with reconditioned turrets were finished quicker than the purpose built triple 8.2" armed group. Built to act as raiders if required the ships all had aircraft handling facilities and the mixed turbine/diesel engines for long range cruising.

I recently redrew the German triple 8.2" guns for the South American challenge. So I decided I would upgrade the Prinz Eugen drawing (below) while I was at it.


Displacement 16,400 tons Standard, 20.700 full load.
Length 671 feet
Breadth 74 feet
Draught 28 feet
Machinery 4 Diesels 30,000bhp & 2 Steam 80,000shp (3 shafts)
Speed cruising max = 22 knots on diesels, 32 knots full speed
Armour 5.9" Side, 3.9" deck, 5.1/8.2" turrets
Armament 8 x 11/12" (4x2) or 12 x 8.2" (4x3)

12 x 4.1" (6x2)

12/14 x 37mm (6/7x2)

12 x 20mm (12x1)

Aircraft 2
Torpedoes 12 x 21" (4x3)
Notes Group 1 - 8.2".

KM Lutzow

KM Roon

Group 2 - 11".

KM Goeben

KM Yorck

Group 3 - 12".

KM Moltke

KM Blucher




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