KM Z9 (DDL-1936)


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The faults of the previous Z1-type destroyers were alleviated in the new design of the 1936-type ships. A new twin turret mounting the 5.1" dual purpose guns, with new engines and boilers the design looked similar and shared the same hull but the overall staying power of these destroyers far outstripped the Z-1's.

One of the biggest improvements was the increase in light anti-aircraft weapons bristling everywhere. From 1940 onwards early RADAR began to be fitted and this item was improved and increased on the surviving ships throughout the rest of the war.


Displacement 2,900 tons std, 3,800 tons full load
Length 415.5 ft
Breadth 42 ft
Draught 15 ft
Machinery 2 shaft Steam Turbines 78,000shp
Speed 36 knots
Range 4800 miles at 19 knots
Armour nil
Armament 6 x 5.1" (3x2)

12 x 37mm (6x2)

16 x 20mm (3x4 4x1)

Mines 60 (when fitted)
Torpedoes 10 x 21" (2x5)
Complement 315
Notes Z09




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