KM Baron von Richtoften (CV-1939)


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The Richtoften class were to be six ships but the second ship of the class was completed for Argentina to a slightly different design to protect sensitive and secret materials from being made available to the Germanic States enemies. While smaller than the Zeppelins these ships had a larger aircraft complement.

The designers had learnt from their first effort and all of the 'ship' features had been deleted with the aircraft handling features taking precedence. For the first time the deck edge lifts were fitted from the start in a Germanic States aircraft carrier design. The 88m AA guns were the Flak36 mark as used on a different mount by the airforce and army (also fitted eventualy to Tiger tanks).


Displacement 29,700 tons std, 36,400 full load
Length 726 ft
Breadth 93 ft (hull) 122 ft flight deck
Draught 27.5 ft
Machinery 4 shaft mixed steam and diesel propulsion.

2 shaft Steam Turbines 90,000shp

2 shaft diesel engines 40,000ihp

Speed 32 knots
Range 9000 miles at 18 knots
Armour 2.6" FD, 2.6 side, 4.1" magazines
Armament 8 x 88mm/L56-36 (8x1)

12 x 37mm (12x1)

3 x 20mm (3x1)

Aircraft 66
Torpedoes nil
Complement 1800
Notes KM Baron von Richtoften

KM Ernst Udet

KM Erich Lowenhardt

KM Werner Voss

KM Paul Bäumer



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