Ship Bucket Challenges


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These are the ships I have drawn for various challenges on the Shipbucket site. Also are included are ships I may have done for other peoples navies.

F Class Cruisers

1st Dreadnought Challenge

25,000 ton challenge

73 Foot MTB's

Abdiel Class Minelayer

Admiral Class BB

Adventure Class Minelayer

A-to-F DD's and DDL's

Andania Class CVE


Bangor Class Escorts

BC 1950 Virgin Islands

C Class CLAA

CA 1928 Pensacola

Captain Class DDE

HMS Chester 1916

CL 1926 Omaha

Colony (CL)

D Class CLAA designs

D Class Export

E Class Cruisers

HMS Gorgon 18"

FAA Aircraft

Fairey Eagle & Falcon

FAN Dunkerque 16 inch

Fisherless RN

H I J Destroyers

Halcyon Class Minesweeper

Courageous BC

HMS Agamemnon CA

HMS Apollo CV-1930

HMS Bellerophon BB-1934

HMS Bulwark BB-1927

HMS Duke of York (BB-US)

HMS Grafton DD

HMS Laconia (AMC)

HMS Leviathan BC

HMS Musketeer DD

HMS Naiad CLA-45

HMS Pegasus (CLA)

Sentinel Class Monitor


IJN Hokkaido

HMS Incomparable Project

G3 Indefatigable


JKN Class Designs

King George V Design Project

KM Scharnhorst / Bismarck 16"

Lillicrap 1930-32 BC designs

LSS Pegaso BC

Prince Class - AMC-AAS

River Class Frigate

Super Darings

Alternate UK County class

SB Challenges (Coast defence / Falkand Islands)

HMS Wallace - WAIR

BC Hindenburg 13.8"

SA Challenge

USS Alaska (CB-1937)

USS Hawaii CB-1917

Zhdantiger Hybrid CGL

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