Fleet Air Arm Aircraft 1938-42


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As a side task I decided to redesign the FAA's aircraft for the time period 1938-42. In the real world the FAA had the Swordfish and Skua as their frontline aircraft at the outbreak of WW2. A very poor set compared to their contemporaries. Both the US and Japan had dedicated (torpedo) bomber, dive bomber and fighter aircraft. The Royal Navy needed something similar.


These are the types I came up with. All three types are radial engined, and if I could get them under one version, for ease of spare parts, that would help too.


The Fairey Battle was the most changed aircraft of the three. The change from the early Merlin engine to the Bristol radial was a good move. I was not looking to create the "high speed day bomber" that was what the RAF requirement was for. The Sea Battle was to be a strong dependable torpedo bomber. I increased the size of the fuselage to take a variety of stores internally, and increase the fuel tank size.


This is how the Fairey Battle (before my navalising it) stacks up against its competitors.



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