HMS Bulwark (BB-1927-41)


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The next 4 drawings are part of the Fisherless RN. They show different stages in the design of the Bulwark drawings.


Looking at completing the Goliath and Bulwark in place of Nelson and Rodney, I would also keep the 40% completed Albion and use that ship as the carrier conversion. With the WNT signed late 1922, the Admiralty has had 3 years to refine the Majestic design. The casemates are removed and replaced with 5.5" in twin turrets. Other internal changes are made to reduce the overall displacement of the ships to conform to the new limits. The two ships end up being 38,000 tons standard, 40,000 tons normal, 47,000 tons full load.

The only thing I am not sure of is if they would have kept the same bridge superstructure or gone with the G3/N3 tower. Again that would be a cost thing. The superstructure would already have been completed, so fitting a new tower structure would have been a complete replacement.

The above drawing has a tower bridge, but the twin 5.5" are in slightly awkward positions, the next drawing was to fix that.

Last drawing in the series was the late 30's early 40's upgrade.



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