HMS King George V, 14", 15" and 16" proposals never built.


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These ships show the progression of the design process of KGV from the early designs using 4.5" secondaries in 14" and 15" designs to the later 16" version that used the KGV hull but could not be kept under the 35,000 ton limit the RN was strictly adhering to during this time period (nobody else was).


The idea was that the first two ships King George V, and Prince of Wales, would be built to the initial design (14" or 15") while units 3-5 Duke of York, Anson and Howe, would be built to an updated design dependent on what the Japanese had done to sign the Second London Treaty or whether the US would use the escalation clause to increase the gun size to 16" and increase tonnage to 45,000. As it turned out the full 5 units were designed and built to the standard 14P design of 10x14" and 16x5.25".