D Class Anti-Aircraft Cruisers (CLA)

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The D class cruisers had been slated for conversion to Anti-aircraft cruisers from 1939/40 onwards. However with the outbreak of war all of these plans were shelved. It was not until 1942 that one of the class, HMS Delhi, was put through a conversion process in the US under the Lend-Lease agreement. Shown below are various proposals for D class AA conversions and a couple out of my imagination.


These two are mine with twin 4.5" turrets and light weaponry.

This is the real conversion of HMS Delhi on completion of its refit at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The designs below are real proposed refits for the D class utilising the 4.5" UD mounting as fitted to the Ark Royal. A second proposal using the twin 4" was also produced. The last design with twin 5"/38 US mounts is a proposal of mine.