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I started a 'Challenge' for others to provide what they thought of as their countries or Alternate Universes first dreadnought may look like. To see other entries in this challenge:


This is a difficult one to stick parameters on. Most of the early Dreadnoughts were 18,000 to 23,000 tons with up to 12" armour belts. 18 knots to 23 knots. Gun sizes ranged around the 11"-12". Could you have an early fast battleship (25 knots), but less speed than the early 26-27 knot battlecruisers? Should BC's be included to widen the scope of the Challenge?

There are a lot of good AU's in SB that might want to do a revision of their first Dreadnought class. Go to it!

HMS Dreadnought (Fast)

For my entry I have gone with a fast battleship concept. 23,500 tons normal displacement, 634x86 feet, 10x12" 16x4", 2pd AA, 45,000shp for 25 knots, 11" belt, 2" deck, 10" turret and conning tower armour. It is possible to fire all turrets to each broadside, but after the initial trials firing this would only be done in time of war. Trials found that the blast from the guns lifted the wooden deck covering and blew it over the side.

My mate Jackie Fisher wanted less armour and more speed, so I had to fire him even earlier than in my other thread.


BNS Minas Geraes (BB-1910)

The United Kingdom and its shipbuilding industry made plenty of money from the sale of ships to other nations, right up to ships the size of battleships. Brazil was one country that was a regular customer and once it had seen the Dreadnought, ordered two of their own. 22,000 ton ships, they were 590 feet by 86 feet. Armour was the same 11" belt as the Dreadnought with 9"-6" ends. Speed at 23 knots gave them a decided advantage over the Argentinian and Chilean pre-dreadnoughts, sparking a Dreadnought race in South America.




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