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Battleships, Battlecruisers, Pre-Dreadnoughts.
HMAS Westralis HMAS New Zealand HMAS Australis (redrawn) HMAS Queen Victoria HMAS Queensland
HMAS Marlborough HMAS Tasmania HMAS Auckland HMAS Coromandel HMAS Oceania
Aircraft & Seaplane carriers (CV, CVL, CVE & SPC)
HMAS Endeavour HMAS Tasman Sea HMAS Albatross HMAS Van Dieman HMAS Carpentaria
Cruisers (Armoured, Heavy, Light, AA)
HMAS Christchurch HMAS Mount Perry HMAS Melbourne HMAS Newcastle (redrawn) HMAS Hobart
HMAS Canberra (redrawn) HMAS Fremantle HMAS Canterbury HMAS Napier HMAS Hamilton
HMAS Bendigo HMAS Dunedin HMAS Brabant HMAS Derwent  
Destroyers (DDL,DD,DDE, Escorts)
HMAS Greymouth HMAS Toowoomba HMAS Westland HMAS Arunta HMAS Tauranga
HMAS Bathurst HMAS Voyager HMS Longreach HMAS Stuart HMAS Westport
HMAS Princess Irene   HMAS Cape Yorke HMAS Murray HMAS Latrobe
Miscelaneous Vessels
HMAS Koala HMAS Kanimbla HMAS Warramunga HMAS Maranoa HMAS Echidna


All of the above (thumbnails) lead to coloured drawings that have been taken from a wonderful site called "".  I hope I have complied with their Fair Use Terms and will avoid their wrath. I would liked to have joined but their stated aims clash with mine as I have no interest in "Real Designs" except as the basis for my own Alternate Universe Navies.

I am quite happy for people to copy the drawings I have altered as long as they follow Fair Use Terms. Some credit for me would be nice too. I have recently read a thread on where when instilling their Fair Use Terms on a site has lead to some red faces as the original authors do not wish to be linked to the abortions made of their drawings. Some even had trouble recognising what the original drawing might have been. I can see their point of view as with some of the early drawings I did looked so bad that I went through later and redrew them. I see in Shipbucket that the original drawings that all start with 'GB' and marked as 'unknown' fall into that nasty category of needing a redraw.

The photos used have been culled from 1000's of different sites over many years and I thank all of those sites, globally, if I have used one of their photos. If one of the photos is yours and you need your label placed on it, please contact me and I will arrange it.



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