HMAS Stuart (DDL-1919 (1938-mod))


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These 4 Thornycroft designed Leaders were built 1919 to 1923 and were to act with the VW class destroyers. This they did through to 1935 when they were taken in hand to be refitted in the same style as the A-I type destroyers. After the refit they were re-rated as destroyers.

These ships were the fastest in the navy until completion of the Westland type. One of the Westland type (if available) was used as Leader on offensive minelaying patrols with these ships. Alterations to the layout of the ships during their rebuilds made them capable of carrying 50-60 mines for offensive minelaying operations. This saved having to build a specialist minelaying vessel.


Displacement 1500 tons std, 2150 tons full load
Length 329 ft
Breadth 31.5 ft
Draught 12.5 ft
Machinery 2 shaft, steam turbines, 40,000shp
Speed 38 knots
Range 4000 at 15 knots
Armour nil
Armament 4 x 4.5" (2x2)

4 x 2pd (1x4)

6 x 20mm (3x2)

Aircraft nil
Torpedoes 6 x 21" (2x3)
Complement 160
Notes HMAS Stuart

HMAS Macquarrie

HMAS Northam

HMAS Narrogin


Original Admiralty Leaders prior to rebuilding.


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