HMAS Greymouth (DD-1942+)


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These Emergency War Destroyers were a compromise between the larger Arunta and the smaller Bathurst designs. They proved to be a durable design in two batches, one with the older manual 4.5" turret, and the second batch with the new semi-automatic turret. The light AA armament varied from ship to ship but as refits and updates were fitted the standard AA armament was to be 2 twin Hazemeyer 40mm radar controlled mounts, and 4 twin 20mm mounts. The torpedoes were a standard two quadruple sets.

The RADAR outfits were upgraded and refitted several times with radar control being fitted for the batch 2 main guns. Four of the Mk2's with the larger Southland as leader had a run in with a Japanese cruiser squadron and literally shot them to bits with radar controlled fire in a 20 minute night action.


32 units were laid down from 1940 onwards with the 1st 16 being mk1's and the other 16 mk2's.


Displacement 1750 tons std, 2600 tons full load. Batch 1 Batch 2
Length 358 ft HMAS Greymouth HMAS Capricorn
Breadth 36 ft HMAS Melville HMAS Bunbury
Draught 14 ft HMAS Childers HMAS Burnie
Machinery 2 shaft Steam turbines, 40,000shp HMAS Broome HMAS Wanganui
Speed 35 knots HMAS Wellington HMAS Mandurah
Range 5000 miles at 18 knots HMAS Mount Gambier HMAS Orange
Armour nil HMAS Richmond HMAS Waitemata
Armament 4 x 4.5" (2x2)

4 x 40mm (2x2)

8 x 20mm (4x2)

HMAS Parramatta

HMAS Shepparton

HMAS Penrith

HMAS Lismore

HMAS Wairarapa

HMAS Nowra

HMAS Dubbo

HMAS Coffs Harbour

HMAS Albury

HMAS Geraldton

HMAS Karratha

HMAS Port Hedland

HMAS Katherine

HMAS Derby

Aircraft nil HMAS Tamworth HMAS Manukau
Torpedoes 8 x 21" (2x4) HMAS Otago HMAS Whyndham
Complement 190 HMAS Port Macquarie HMAS Kalgoorlie
Notes   HMAS Mildura HMAS Port Augusta


Note single 20mm forward, still waiting for the 40mm Hazemeyer mount to be fitted


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