Hellenic Republic

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Having had a look through and read of the Greek Navy it certainly is in need of a redraw and rewrite.

The Hellenic Navies natural foe is the Turkish Navy. The rivalry between them is what prods each others navies to new purchases. Giorgios Averof was a rich man and great benefactor to the Greek Navy. The money he bequeathed to the Navy went toward paying for the cruiser Averof purchased from Italy. The purchase proved an exceptionally good deal as the ship helped Greece win the Balkan Wars (1912-13) against Turkey. The result of which was the return of the Balkan Peninsular to Greece and the gathering in of the Islands referred to as the Greek Islands.

Cruiser Giorgios Averof moored near Athens on permanent display as a museum ship. The only armoured cruiser left in the world.


(Royal Hellenic Naval Ships)

Name Type Number Date Thumbnail
RHNS Kilkis BB 2 1908
RHNS Thesalonika BB 1 1917
RHNS Salamis BB 1 1925
RHNS Lemnos BC 1 1938
RHNS Averof ACR 1 1910
RHNS Katsonis CL 2 1916
RHNS Athens CA 2 1939
RHNS Santorini CLM 2 1934
RHNS Macedonia DD(E) 8 1915
RHNS Heraklion DD 4 1940
RHNS Kallithea DDL 1 1939


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