Brazilian Navy


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Brazil is allied by treaty to Chile and it is Brazil who is the senior partner. Brazil has always needed to have as big a navy as Argentina with whatever Chile having providing the Alliances edge. The Chilean reparation package from Britain to Chile meant that both Brazil and Argentina needed to spend a lot of money to catch up and surpass what Chile now possessed.

Aircraft on CV Brasilia 1943

Brazil (BNS)

Class Name


First Date

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Aircraft Carriers

BNS Brasilia CV



BNS Santa Catarina CV 1 1939
BNS Amazonas (CV) 1 1909

Battleships / Battlecruisers

BNS Riachuelo BB 1 1937
BNS Esperito Santo BC 1 1940
BNS Pernambuco (BC) 1 1927
BNS Rio de Janeiro BB 4 1912
BNS Minas Gerais BB 2 1910
BNS Maranhao BC 1 1908

Heavy / Light Cruisers

BNS Rondonia CL 2 1940
BNS Roraima (CL) 4 1938+
BNS Tocantins (CA) 2 1934
BNS Bahia (CLA) 3 1910
BNS Alagoas (CL) 4 1910


BNS Manaus (DDL) 4 1938
BNS Belem (DD) 16 1937
BNS Fortaleza (DD) 30 1916


BNS Javary (Mon) 3 1914
BNS Monte Cristo (CT) 34 1940-44


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