Battle of the Uruguyan shelf 31/07/39


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Argentina using the ex German minelayers Bremse and Brummer tried some offensive minelaying into Brazilian coastal waters to disrupt the local shipping in the southern waterways. The two minelayers were backed up by the Uruguyan cruiser Montevideo and the Argentinian cruiser Almirante Brown.

The Brazilians knew of the Argentinian minelayers and had built a ship expressly to intercept the two ships. With another battlecruiser and four other cruisers in support the Argentinian ships were outgunned and had to rely on speed to get them out of the trap the Brazilians had set.






Brazilian Forces

Pernambuco, Esperito Santo , 2 Tocantins class cruisers, 2 Rondonia class cruisers. Background air support and cover was supplied by the CVE Amazonas and BC Maranhao with two Bahia class AA cruisers and 4 Fortaleza class destroyers as escorts with their leader Alagoas.


Argentinian and Uruguyan forces.

2 x Jaguar (ex-Bremse) class minelayers, cruiser Montevideo and cruiser Almirante Brown.


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