BNS Esperito Santo (BC-1934)


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The British offered to build this ship at a discount as this was the type of ship they were trying to get all the nations to adhere to under the Washington Treaty, 30,000 tons and 12" guns. The Brazilians supplied the guns from those removed from the older ships when they went through their 20 year refurbishments. The British supplied 3 new quadruple turrets and other new weaponry as it was completed.

While the ship was termed a 'fast' battleship the ship really was a battlecruiser type. The British did not get the type through the Naval Treaty process and so the Esperito Santo became a one of a kind. The Brazilians were happy to get a new ship at a much reduced price. The ship operated with British observers aboard for much of its life and the ship was active in the coming world war.


Displacement 31,500 tons std 36,750 tons full load
Length 707 ft
Breadth 102 ft
Draught 30 ft
Machinery 4 shaft steam turbines, 140,000shp
Speed 31 knots
Range 8500 miles at 16 knots
Armour 11" side, 4.5" deck, 11" turrets
Armament 12x 12" (3x4)

20 x 4.5" (10x2)

48 x 2pd (6x8)

20 x 20mm (8x2 4x1)

Aircraft 2
Torpedoes nil
Complement 1500



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