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Argentina will be the catalyst to the opening of World War 2 in this AU. Their alliance with the Germanic States gives them an up to date Navy, Army and Air Force where German Instructors has improved the efficiency of the Argentinian armed forces.


Surface Naval Combattants

The Argentine Navy was the cream of the Argentinian Forces and had had the most money spent on its development. The South American Naval Arms race between Chile, Brazil and Argentina was as much about National pride as anything thing else. (Mines bigger than yours!!)

Air Force Units.

The Argentinian Airforce was probably the most efficient of the Argentinian Armed Forces and did have up to date aircraft. A consortium of Heinkel and Junkers had helped the Argentinians to build their own aircraft industry. This proved beneficial in the coming war where the Argentinian produced aircraft were supperior to their enemies till they received overseas reinforcements. (The photos are all of German Aircraft as these aircraft are new to this AU)


Army Units. (not built yet)

The Argentine Army was probably the least well equipped of the three Armed forces but they were still well trained by their Germanic States advisors. With the Andes Mountain Range between Chile and Argentina, the Argentinian Army only needed to hold the passes to prevent any invasion from that direction. The most open area where the Argentinian Armoured units are deployed is the borders between Argentina / Uruguay and Brazil. This is where Argentinas war will be won or lost.


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