RZS Glorfindel (DD-1936)


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Billed as the 'General Purpose' Destroyers, the Glorfindel class were laid down in batches of four ship 'squadrons' that were not supposed to require a Destroyer Leader as a separate unit. As more batches were added and the first batches had been at sea for a year or two, the extra equipment being added took away any space a Captain 'D' and his staff might have required. The Glaurung class was built to cure this problem.

The Glorfindel class was designed around the brand new twin turret 4.5" dual purpose semi-automatic bag and shell gun system. The ships of the class were slightly bigger than their Royal Navy counterparts but this was to add extra bunkers for fuel for the extra range required by operations in the Pacific. 2 pounder pom-poms, 20mm Hispano cannons, two quintuple sets of torpedo tubes and depth charges gave the ships an armament ready to take on all comers.

With the outbreak of World War 2, the Glorfindel class was made the 'War Emergency' Destroyer and batches of four were laid down Jan/40, Jun/40, Jan/41, Jun/41, Jan/42 and Jan/43. No further units were laid down after January 1943 and these ships were completed during 1945. Production centered on the Durthang class Destroyer Escorts after that date.

Displacement 2,700 tons std 3,650 tons full load
Length 380 ft
Breadth 40 ft
Draught 13 ft
Machinery 2 shaft steam turbines, 50,000shp
Speed 35 knots
Range 8000 miles at 14 knots
Armour nil
Armament 6 x 4.5" (3x2)
8 x 2pd (2x4)
6 x 20mm (6x1)
6 x 4.5" (3x2)
14 x 40mm (7x2)
Aircraft nil
Torpedoes 10 x 21" (2x5)
Complement 200 (225 as Captain 'D')
Notes Batch 01
RZS Glorfindel (06/1936)

RZS Turgon (07/1936)

RZS Legolas (09/1936)

RZS Boromir (11/1936)

Batch 02
RZS Faramir (04/1937)

RZS Cirdan (09/1937)

RZS Haldir (11/1937)

RZS Orophin (02/1938)

Batch 03
RZS Aredhel (09/1938)

RZS Arminas (10/1938)

RZS Arwen (12/1938)

RZS Denethor (02/1939)

Batch 04
RZS Elladan (01/1940)
RZS Gwindor (02/1940)

RZS Feanor (02/1940)

RZS Findulas (03/1940)

Batch 05
RZS Nimrodel (11/1940)
RZS Maedhros (03/1941)

RZS Luthien (07/1941)

RZS Mahtan (09/1941)

Batch 06
RZS Voronwe (01/1942)
RZS Saeros (03/1942)

RZS Meriadoc (03/1942)

RZS Peregrine (04/1942)

Batch 07
RZS Aragorn (11/1942)
RZS Radagast (01/1943)

RZS Fangorn (02/1943)

RZS Gwalhir (04/1943)

Batch 08
RZS Landronal (08/1943)
RZS Balrog (11/1943)

RZS Shelob (02/1944)

RZS Morgoth (03/1944)

Batch 09
RZS Angmar (10/1944)
RZS Gothmog (01/1945)

RZS Murazor (02/1945)

RZS Khamul (03/1945)

Twin 40mm showing ready use ammunition.


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