RZS Aegnor (DD-1934)


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The last class of inter-war destroyers was the Aegnor class. The Valinor, Menelcamar, and Aegnor classes all shared the same hull and propulsion system, but that was about as far as the similarities went. Layout of guns, bridge and other superstructure, funnels, gunnery directors, all were different due to what was available and new at the time the ships were designed. For the Aegnor class, the 4.5" dual purpose gun was available but the twin turret was not yet ready and would have to wait for the Glorfindel class. A simple shield system was fitted to the mounting that allowed for full use of the anti-aircraft ability of the 4.5" gun. The gun was far superior over the 4" fitted in the earlier destroyers, except in one important area, the 4" still fired faster than the 4.5" and the 4" was easier on crew fatigue. However when a 4.5" shell did its job it caused far more damage over a far greater range than the 4".


Displacement 1,750 tons standard, 2,400 tons full load
Length 359 ft
Breadth 36 ft
Draught 13 ft
Machinery 2 shaft steam turbines, 40,000shp 2 shaft steam turbines, 40,000shp
Speed 35 knots 35 knots
Range 9000 miles at 14 knots 9,000 miles at 14 knots
Armour nil
Armament As Completed
5 x 4.5" (5x1)
4 x 2pd (1x4)
6 x 20mm (6x1)
With refits to 1940
5 x 4.5" (5x1)
4 x 2pd (1x4)
10 x 20mm (2x2 6x1)
Aircraft nil
Torpedoes 8 x 21" (2x4) 8 x 21" (2x4)
Complement 140 150
Notes RZS Aegnor (08/1934)

RZS AmdŪr (09/1934)

RZS AnairŽ 11/1934)

RZS Amroth (12/1934)

RZS Annael (04/1935)

RZS Angrod (06/1935)

RZS Amrod (07/1935)

RZS AmariŽ (08/1935)

Twin 20mm Oerlikon mounting beside after-mast.


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