RZS Rohinzil (AAS-1941)


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The lifeblood of the Commonwealth was in its trade between nations. During time of war, the war materials being sent from one country to another' required, escorts, escorts and more escorts. The losses to shipping carrying these materials of war was horrendous. All the Commonwealth nations could do was to build more and more escort ships with better and better anti-submarine and anti-aircraft equipment and wait for the tide to turn in their favour.

The two Rohinzil class ships were mercantile conversions. The original basis for the ships was as fast passenger ferries to cross 'the ditch' (Tasman Sea between Australia and Zealandia). To be 24 knot ships, this was an ideal speed for convoy protection ships. The size of these vessels made them ideal for use as the Convoy Commanders ship. Other convoy escort additions was the large Hospital area amidships.

The armaments of a destroyer (less torpedoes) were grafted on to the original hull. (The idea for this ship is based on the real life HMCS Prince Robert converted from a Canadian fast ferry.)


Displacement 5,200 tons std 6,650 tons full load
Length 373 ft
Breadth 56 ft
Draught 21 ft
Machinery 2 shaft steam turbines, 20,000shp
Speed 24 knots
Range 9,000 miles at 14 knots
Armour nil
Armament 8 x 4" (4x2)
16 x 2pd (1x8, 2x4)
8 x 20mm (2x2, 4x1)
Aircraft nil
Torpedoes nil
Complement 310
Notes RZS Rohinzil (08/1941) Torpedoed and sunk by U-Boat 10/1943

RZS Menegroth (11/1941) Scrapped 1962.

Octuple 2 ounder mounting in Q turret position.


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