USS New York (BB-1914)


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For my purposes the New York class is the stepping stone to the bigger, four turret, 10 and 12 gun ships that followed. The New York class ships were the direct US Navy equivalents to the Royal Navy 'Super Dreadnoughts' armed with 10x13.5". They were probably the reason for the increase of gun size, in the Royal Navy, from 13.5" to 15". The US then went one bigger to 16" which the Japanese also followed. The European Navies stayed at the 15".

The previous Wyoming class with the six twin 12" was the furthest that that gun size could be pushed. An increase in gun size to 14" would allow a reduction in the number of turrets to five. The bigger turrets and guns would only require a 10 foot longer hull. In real life the Wyoming class are kept in service through to the end of WW2. In my world the Wyoming class are an either/or class with the Memphis class battlecruisers.

The main changes between the 1914 and 1918 versions was the addition of AA guns. Single 3" being the weapon of choice during this period.


Displacement 27,250 tons std 30,400 tons full load (32,000 full load)

Length 574 ft (613 ft after refit)
Breadth 95 ft (105 over bulges)
Draught 30 ft
Machinery 2 shaft, turbine engines, 50,000 shp (90,000shp)
Speed 22 knots  (27 knots after rebuild)
Range 7000 miles at 12 knots
Armour 12" side, 2" deck, 12" turrets (5" deck after rebuild)
Armament As completed 1910

10 x 14" (5x2)
21 x 5" (21x1) LA
2 x 3" (2x1) LA (from 1917)
As rebuilt 1939-41

8 x 14" (4x2)
16 x 5" (8x2)
72 x 40mm (18x4)
26 x 20mm (26x1)
Complement 870 (900)  
Notes New York


Last pre-war version before the ships go through their Life Extension Refit Program 1939-40. The 5" casemates have been removed and half-a-dozen resited to the upper deck. Many more 3" AA guns are fitted. The ships now have their first four 28mm quad mountings and 20mm single Oerlikons. Radar also appears for the first time. A catapult is fitted on Q turret but no hangar is provided. Anti-torpedo bulges have been fitted.

The LERP rebuilds were very comprehensive and were to add 10 years of service life to the ships. A complete rebuild from 'B' turret to 'X' turret was to remove everything including 'Q' turret and all superstructure. This would be replaced with new bridge superstructure, funnel, tertiary AA armaments and cannons, new armoured deck, new power plant and last but not least a new longer bow to increase weatherliness and stop plunging. So lets do the drawing and see what comes out.

The New York and Texas spent their war as escorts to the USS Ranger forming an invaluable Task Force in the North Atlantic. The Western Naval Task Force undertook various duties including, the Torch landings, actions in the Mediterranean, operations off Norway, and finally D-Day support. Other capital ships were added and deleted from the Task Force depending on the nature of the job at hand, but the main core of the Fleet was the Texas, New York and Ranger.

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