ANS Atlas (BB-1940)


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Atlantean Naval Ship Atlas. My fictional Atlantis is a very rich land and can afford to build the ships it wants. I cheat a bit with giving Atlantis a 'genius' in Alex Vermuyden which spawns many advances for Atlantis as soon as any other shipbuilding nation may get them and even lets them be the inventors of some.

While the Hyperion class were under construction in reply to the Germanic States Hipper class battlecruisers, the only other ships being built were the hybrid battleships being armed with 6 x 16" leftover weapons. Something bigger needed to be built to keep up with the rest of the major powers building types. Japan had failed to ratify the next naval treaty, so the gloves were off and the nations were now allowed to go to the 45,000 ton limit. This will make a slightly larger ship than most of the Special Projects ships, but what the hell, I will use the same hull and funnels and have a lot of fun drawing it.

Laid down in 1935, with 4 months between each ship, which gave completion dates in 1940/41. These were full 45,000 ton ships, with lots of armament, armour, propulsion, and AA. For the first time a lot of space needed to be allocated for RADAR, not only the aerials but also the RADAR rooms needed to receive the electronic information. The Mk.2 16" guns fired a 2600 pound shell 40,000 yards. While not as good as the Germanic States 16.5" guns, having one extra turret does make a difference to your broadside.

With two of these ships being the 'teeth' of Force H, then any battle line combat with the Axis battle line is going to be not as one sided. These were brand new well armed and armoured ships.

Displacement 46,200 tons std, 54,400 tons full load
Length 850 ft
Breadth 118 ft
Draught 30 ft
Machinery 4 shaft, Steam turbines, 200,000shp
Speed 32 knots
Range 12000 miles at 15 knots
Armour 15" side, 8" deck, 16" turrets
Armament 12 x 16" (4x3)
20 x 5" (10x2)
64 x 2pd (8x8)
32 x 20mm (32x1)
Aircraft 2
Complement 2750
Notes: ANS Atlas

ANS Pollux

ANS Castor

With 32 of these mountings aboard they required over a hundred crew all of their own.


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