IRN Malaga (CL-1934)


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The Malaga class cruisers utilised the 5.5" guns that had been originally fitted to the Granada. A new twin turret was produced to house the guns, otherwise the ships looked much like other Commonwealth cruisers being built at the time. The equivalent Leander class with their 8x6" were a bit bigger all round in dimensions to carry the larger guns. The ships only had light side and deck armour and were speedy without being in the extreme class of the French and Italian light ships.

A heavy battery of six single 4" AA guns was fitted amidships. Various 37mm and 20mm were added during the mid to late 1930's. The minor armament was greatly increased during WW2. Radar and other electronic aids were added as they became available. The ships were considered too small to operate aircraft though there was room behind the aft funnel where the ships boats were to mount a catapult if required. The catapult was never mounted. Both ships were used as leaders to the destroyer flotillas, where their higher than usual speed allowed them to keep up. A heavy torpedo armament was carried. When the additional AA and electronic bits and pieces added too much extra topweight it was the forward pair of torpedo tubes that was removed and plated over.


Displacement 6,500 tons std, 7,850 tons full load
Length 495 ft
Breadth 53 ft
Draught 15 ft
Machinery 2 shaft geared turbines, 75,000shp
Speed 34 knots
Range 5000 at 12 knots
Armour 2" side, 1.5" deck, 1.5" turrets
Armament 8 x 5.5" (4x2)

6 x 4" (6x1)

6 x 37mm (3x2)

18 x 20mm (6x2 6x1)

Torpedoes 12 x 21" (4x3)
Mines could be fitted to carry 40 mines
Complement 520
Notes IRN Malaga

IRN Madeira


The single 5.5" guns were removed from the Granada when the 4.5" dual purpose guns were available. Note the British Battlecruiser in the background.


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