Hole-in-one - 01/03/2019


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Some days are better than others.

The statistics tell us that a hole-in-one is about a 1/12,000 odd chance event. I had played for 30 years before I got my first in 2016 but here I am two and a half years later with a second, (and yes I bought a Lotto ticket on the way home!) Edit: the tickets both came up "not a winning ticket".

There I was standing on the tee of the 5th hole at the Inglewood Golf Club (Taranaki, New Zealand). I hit a six iron with a slight draw, pitched a couple of metres short of the green, ran up the green and curled into the back left corner pin. It disappeared and I thought it had gone behind the pin, but my two partners were screaming and shouting, so I figured it had gone in!

And it had gone in. We strolled up to the green and looked in the hole - and there it was. Lots of backslapping, high fives, and laughter. "Oh what a feeling." The man taking the photo had never seen a hole-in-one before so he was happy to see it happen.

What a great day!

Now to get that ball mounted to make up the pair. Edit: Got the new trophy. My friends say that it is not an 'N' for Nigel but a 'Z' for Zorro. So Zorro I am around Inglewood Golf Club.

Golf is all about trying to achieve goals. Inglewood Golf Course has six par 3's, and I have now aced two of them, must be four to go!!

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