KM Westfallen (BB-T 1910 (1932-mod))


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With the completion of the Wurtemburg, the two Westfallen class battleships were to be demilitarised to training ships. This required the ships to have all the wing turrets removed and the ships to be reduced to what were essentially large pre-dreadnoughts with just the fore and aft 11" turrets remaining. Both ships had various armaments fitted during their careers as they were used as much as trials ships (Rheinland) as training ships. Westfallen did the most work as a training ship and its armament during the late 1930's reflected this.

The 1932 refits stripped out the old superstructure between A to Y turret and its replacement with copies of superstructure fittings being built onto the latest capital ships so that the trainees would be used to the equipment when drafted to the active fleet. Where the more modern converted ships had their propulsion systems replaced with a mixed turbine and diesel outfit, the Westfallens had their even older triple expansion equipment replaced with steam turbine propulsion only. The ships had no need of long range as their intended area of operations was the Baltic.


Displacement 20,200 tons Standard, 23.700 full load.
Length 508 feet
Breadth 89 feet
Draught 30 feet
Machinery Steam turbines 35,000shp (3 shafts)
Speed 23 knots
Armour 11.5" Side, 3.9" deck, 11.5" turrets
Armament 4 x 11" (2x2

12 x 4.1" (6x2)

12 x 37mm (6x2)

8 x 20mm (1x4, 8x1)

Aircraft nil
Torpedoes nil
Notes KM Westfallen (1909)

KM Rheinland (1910)


Westfallen class as completed 1909-10. The wing turrets ended up as the main armament of two Moltke class large cruisers.


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