KM Baldr (DD-1917)


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The B97-V101 type destroyers were big and used as leaders in the destroyer squadrons (normally as half leader, the leader generally being in a light cruiser). Two were retained, the other five survivors going to the Allied War Reparations committee that dispersed the surrendered Germanic States ships among the Allies, then selling the remainder to cash buyers. One was sunk in the Gulf of Riga during WW1, in action against Russian destroyers.

These two ships, retained, were used as destroyer leaders to the flotillas to screen the Capital ships of the Baltic Fleet during there time acting as the blockade Squadron to keep the Soviet Fleet bottled up in Leningrad. In the 1920's the ships dropped there previous 'number' designations and became the Baldr and Dellingr.

The differences between the two half classes of B and V built vessels is fairly obvious, enlarged bridge superstructure, different armament layout. The enlarged bridge allowed for gunnery control equipment of the 4.1". The seakeeping qualities of the class was horrible, the torpedo tubes and 4.1" forward adversely affected seakeeping with too much weight too far forward. The first post war refits in the mid 1920's removed the torpedoes forward, plated in the area from the bridge forward and resited the 4.1" aft nearer the bridge.

Usually for the old destroyers - escort destroyers, a minimum of work is done to upgrade the units to a functional purpose and no more. The two V99 class ships had various refits of large sizes that completely transformed them from stem to stern. New Bridge structures, removing boilers and putting the areas to fuel stowage meant a new funnel arrangement, a new armament of 5" DP guns were fitted with another new arrangement. The 5" guns were those removed from the Admiral Hipper Class when they were rebuilt with twin turrets. Those new guns required a new DP gunnery director on the bridge which was enlarged to take it. All of the old 19.7" torpedo tubes were removed and replaced with one triple set of modern 21" torpedoes.


1350 tons standard, 1850 tons full load

Length, m

324 feet

Breadth, m

32 feet

Draught, m

14 feet


2 shaft, AEG-Vulcan steam turbines, 4 Marine boilers, 40,000shp

 28,000shp after 1938 refit

Max speed,

36.5 knots

32 knots

Fuel, t

oil 519 tons

1000 tons


2250 miles at (20 knots)

4,500 miles at 20 knots


4 x 1 - 88/42 TK L/45 C/14, (8), 4.1" from 1917


4 x 5" DP (4x1)
2 x 37mm Bofors (1x2)
4 x 20mm (4x1)
Torpedoes  6 x 19.7" (2x2, 2x1) 3 x 21" (1x3)
Mines 24 mines when fitted rails removed



Notes KM Baldr (ex-V100)

KM Dellingr (ex-V99)

From the picture it appears the forward torpedoes have already been removed, hard to tell.

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