T-100 Class Fast Attack Craft.


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For a small Navy, Fast Attack Craft make a lot of sense. Small, agile, with enough firepower to take on larger ships. The T-100 type were completed without any large surface-to-surface missiles while Atlantis waited for a suitable missile to be put into service somewhere in the world. Initially armed with the automatic 50mm twin weapon system that had been in service almost 20 years, they were a safe bet for a gun armament. The twin light AA missiles at the stern could be used to target both aircraft and other small craft. They were too small to be used against anything bigger than the T-100 itself. They proved useful against Pirates when some of the class were seconded to the South East Asian Theatre operating out of Singapore.

TB-100 with single Harpoon launcher on either side of bridge.

Displacement: 165 tons standard, 200 tons full load.
Dimensions: 126 x 22 x 9 feet
Machinery: 3 shaft, gas turbines, 4,000shp
Speed: 38 knots
Endurance: ?
2 x 51mm (1x2)
Twin Suppercat Launcher
2 x single Harpoon Launchers
Crew: 30




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