Phoebe Class Destroyer Leaders.


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The Phoebe class came from the large number of the Anax Class that were being built. The Anax type needed a dedicated Flotilla leader with the space to carry the extra staff required by the Captain 'D'. The Phoebe class turned out to be big ships, almost 30 feet longer than the Anax class at 370 feet. This allowed an extra 5" gun to be fitted on a raised superstructure forward. Eight of the class were built, where the uncompleted Anax class were scrapped at wars end, the Phoebe's were all completed. With only 41 Anax class surviving the war the usual flotilla was 5 Anax with one Phoebe as leader.

For the inter-war years the Anax and Phoebe class ships worked together until the early thirties when the clapped out Anax class were sold or scrapped. This was not a problem as the inter-war build destroyers were kept small and cheap enough to still require the services of a Destroyer Leader.

From 1935 an upgrade package was designed for the Phoebe class, which featured new light AA weaponry, new director for the 5", and other changes not visible.

The outbreak of war and the Phoebe class are scattered around Atlantis' harbours with their flotillas. The flotilla system is kept with for the Phoebes but soon enough the ships are being used as the Escort Commanders ship for a complete convoys escort. As old as they were they still proved valuable. The ships served everywhere from the Atlantic, Indian, and to the Pacific Oceans, While the Mediterranean proved a tough challenge to all classes of ship.

Of the eight completed 6 were lost during the war, with the two survivors being placed in reserve, then sold for scrap in 1946. They had proved themselves a very good investment.
One was lost in 1940 in action with German Destroyers during the Norwegian campaign.
Another was lost in 1940 on convoy duty in the North Atlantic to a U-boats torpedo.
Into 1941 and two were lost in the Mediterranean, one by gunfire from Italian cruisers and destroyers when part of force K attacking Italian convoy to Tripoli. The other was bombed off Crete.
1942 and the Phoebe itself was lost defending the Zeus class battleships as part of Force Z off the north Malayan coast.
The last loss was to an early Gnat Torpedo, losing its stern and not being able to be saved, the ship was finished off by other escorts of the convoy.

Displacement: 1,750 tons normal, 2,550 tons full load.
Dimensions: 370 x 36 x 12 feet
Machinery: 2 shaft, steam turbines, 35,000shp
Speed: 32 knots
Endurance: 4,000 miles at 12 knots.
Armour: Nil
5 x 5" (5x1)
2 x 75mm AA (2x1)
2 x 25.4mm (2x1)
6 x 21" torpedoes (2x3)
Crew: 185




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