Chronos Class Light Carriers.


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With the Cap Trafalgar and other large German raiders making life difficult for the Allies, the Atlantean Admiralty ordered three new Armoured Cruisers. Atlantis had seen the increase in size of the battlecruiser from the 17,000 ton Invincibles to the 30,000 ton Renowns. A large cruiser was what was needed to chase raiders. Three ships were laid down in 1916, but the Chronos was to be diverted for special duties. A set of sheets of deck steel were laid over a support network and what superstructure had been built. This 462x54 feet through deck was to be used for Atlantis' trials with ships to support wheeled aircraft. The quick conversion was completted at the end of 1917 and Chronos took to sea six aircraft for trials. These trials were carried out throughout most of 1918 and with the end of the war the ship was laid up while its future was decided. The Washington treaty gave the converted ships a free pass with the Atlanteans being able to complete the conversion of the Chronos, and convert the two Athena class ships to aircraft carriers.

The Chronos was used almost exclusively as the training carrier for Atlantean naval pilots. Due to this the ship never had much in the way of updates. New electronic aids for the pilots those were continually updated but armament stayed with the original 75mm AA and 25.4mm AA guns. Only twice did the Chronos escape the humdrum existence of a training carrier, both times to fly off fighter aircraft to Malta. Eventually the ship was retired from service at the end of the war and Chronos was removed from the effective list in 1945 and sold for scrap.

Displacement: 11,000 tons normal, 13,400 tons full load.
Dimensions: 618 x 75 x 19 feet
Machinery: 4 shaft, steam turbines. 60,000shp
Speed: 30 knots
Endurance: 6,000 miles at 15 knots
Armour: 3" side, 2" deck.
8 x 75mm (8x1)
4 x 25.4mm (4x1)
Aircraft: 15
Crew: 690

AWS Chronos - Service/Fate: Scrapped 1946.

Below is the original set of drawings I did for the Chronos.


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