Hermes Class Aircraft Carriers


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These ship was being built at the same time as the Athena class carriers were being reconstructed. This helped the Hermes as the items trialed on the Athena, that worked, could be placed aboard the Hermes. The Hermes was still in the builders hands going through the trials process when WW2 broke out. Destroyers were rushed out to ensure that the Hermes was escorted back to harbour safely. Probably the best bit of the Hermes was the heavy AA battery fitted. None of the earlier 1" cannons were fitted, only the new auto-40mm turrets were fitted in twin and quad mountings. Goliath completed 6 months after Hermes in May of 1940.

Displacement: 32,000 tons standard, 39,500 tons full load.
Dimensions: 878 x 104 x 28 feet
Machinery: 4 shaft, geared turbines, 150,000shp
Speed: 32 knots
Endurance: 12,000 miles at 15 knots
Armour: 3" Belt over machinery spaces, 1" flight deck, 4" main deck.
16 x 5" (8x2)
88 x 40mm (10x4, 24x2)
Aircraft: 90
Crew: 2500

AWS Hermes (1940) Career / Fate:

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