Hesperus Class Cruisers


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The Hesperus class was ordered to replace losses to Atlantis' cruiser force during WW1. They were to be fast ships with 80,000shp for 34 knots. This would make them able to work with destroyers when those ships required a 'ship of force'. Last Atlantean cruisers to mount the 5.5" gun, for the Hesperus' the guns were mounted in twin light armoured turrets. In practice the armour was capable of keeping out 20-30mm cannon shells, anything bigger went straight through. The four ships of the class were completed between 1925 and 1927. With war looming over Europe, the Atlantean Admiralty decided that all four could be converted to anti-aircraft ships. Only two had been converted by wars start, the other two went through their wars with the original armament.

Displacement: 6,500 tons normal, 7,900 tons full load.
Dimensions: 523 x 52 x 18 feet
Machinery: 2 shaft, geared turbines, 80,000shp
Speed: 34 knots
Endurance: 5,000 miles at 12 knots
Armour: 2" box armour around machinery and magazine spaces.
8 x 5.5" (4x2)
4 x 4" (4x1)
6 x 37mm (3x2)
8 x 25.4mm (4x2)
12 x 21" torpedoes (4x3)
Aircraft: 1
Crew: 570

Armament of AA cruisers from 1939.
10 x 5" (4x2, 2x1)
24 x 40mm (4x4, 4x2)
6 x 21" torpedoes (2x3)


AWS Hesperus (1925) Fate/Career

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AWS Stilbon (1927) Fate/Career


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