Sword Class Cruisers.


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The Weapon class cruisers introduced the 5.5" gun to the Atlantean Navy and this gun would arm all of its light cruisers till after WW1. Where the British and German cruisers of the time were armed with 4" and 4.1" guns. Fitted with the new turbine installations designed by Vermuyden, a 22,000shp unit pushed the ships along at 28 knots. The only armour, like other ships of the type, was a 1 1/2 inch deck. For the first time in ships of the AWS the torpedo armament received more than a token fitting with 4 twin trainable mountings.

Displacement: 3,500 tons normal, 4,200 tons full load.
Dimensions: 396 x 41 x 17 feet
Machinery: 2 shaft, steam turbines, 22,000shp
Speed: 28 knots
Endurance: 4,500 miles at 12 knots
Armour: 1 1/2" deck, 2" box round machinery and magazines.
7 x 5.5" (7x1)
4 x 25.1mm mg (4x1)
Crew: 300


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