Artemis Class Coast Defence Battleship.


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First of Atlantis' modern warships. It had taken Atlantis 50 years to gain the experience necessary to start building large warships. The change from wooden to steel hulls helped as working with steel did not require the same experienced artisans that wood did. Several smaller ships were built while the Hyperion dockyards and shipbuilding industry were enlarged to be able to handle building bigger and yet bigger ships.

The Artemis was 348x68 feet and 9500 tons. The armament of 2x12" and 6x6.4" was a good first trial of the new gun foundries. Atlantis would learn many things in a short period of time to improve their ships to the stage where they were as good as any in the world.


While classed under the battleship banner, the Artemis was more a Coast Defence Battleship.

Displacement: 9,500 tons standard, 12,800 tons full load.
Dimensions: 346 x 68 x 22 feet
Machinery: 2 shaft, triple expansion, 15,000ihp
Speed: 17 knots
Endurance: 3,500 miles at 12 knots
Armour: 8" belt, 2" deck, 9/5/3" turrets.
2 x 12" (2x1)
6 x 6.4" (6x1)
6 x 4" (6x1)
2 x 18" torpedoes (2x1) submerged

Crew: 390




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