Caribbean Class Cruisers.


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The ink was barely dry on the Washington Treaty when Atlantis laid down its first pair of Heavy cruisers to the new limits. Reducing the main armament to 9x7.5" in triple turrets (rather than the maximum 8") made quite a saving in weight which could then be devoted into extra armour. Three boiler rooms and two engine rooms, overall produced 80,000shp for 32 knots. While not as fast as some of their competitors, the 3-4.5" main belt, and 2.5" deck armour, certainly gave them an edge in protection.

The full armament was 9x7.5", 10x4" (replaced the 5x90mm originally fitted as placeholders for when the twin 4" became available in 1933), 8x37mm, 8x25.4mm. 6x21" torpedoes, one aircraft and catapult. The ship was 570 feet long, with a breadth of 64 feet. Displacement of 10,100 tons standard and 13,250 tons full load.

This drawing replaces the Cerberus class cruisers I originally put together. I never liked that drawing, some parts looked too modern, some bits too old, it never looked right to me.

This was the original 3 funnel drawing I did, which did not really look quite right, so replaced it with the next two funnel drawing.

The original Ocean class armoured cruisers were retired and scrapped in 1924-25 with their names being transferred to the new ships under construction. Eventually 6 ships of the class were completed.

Displacement: 10,100 tons standard, 13,250 tons full load.
Dimensions: 570 x 64 x 17 feet
Machinery: 4 shaft, geared turbines, 80,000shp
Speed: 32 knots
Endurance: 8,000 miles at 15 knots
Armour: 4.5" belt, 2.5" deck, 5/3/3" turrets
9 x 7.5" (3x3)
10 x 4" (5x2)
8 x 37mm (4x2)
8 x 25.4mm (4x2)
6 x 21" torpedoes (2x3)

Aircraft: 2
Crew: 690

AWS Caribbean (1927)
AWS Mediterranean (1927)
AWS Pacific (1928)
AWS Atlantic (1929)
AWS Arctic (1930)
AWS Tasman (1930)

The following drawings are the Cerberus Type cruisers that the above Ocean class replaced. They looked too modern for mid-1920's cruisers, more late 40's.


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