Atlantic Class Armoured Cruisers.


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These were the last two ships completed under the Naval Acquisition Act. Like all ships of their type, they were longer than the equivalent battleships, but with less armour and tonnage to allow them to be faster. These two ships had a single calibre armament but as the guns were 7.5" they did not scare too many enemies. Like the other ships of the NAA they were turbine engined and had more power for their size of installation than their competitors. They were faster and could maintain their speed better than the reciprocating engined ships. Part of Atlantis' squadron to the North Sea, the two Ocean class were with the fleet at Jutland as part of the 1st Cruiser Squadron and were heavily involved fighting with German light forces. At one stage the Pacific came within range of the vanguard of the German battleships and received major damage from the 12" guns. It took 8 months before it could be proclaimed 'as good as new' again. With a short stint after the war as training ships, both vessels were retired from service in 1924 and scrapped.

Displacement: 14,200 tons normal, 16,600 tons full load
Dimensions: 521 x 72 x 25
Machinery: 2 shaft, steam turbines, 30,000shp
Speed: 25 knots
Endurance: 6,000 miles at 12 knots
Armour: 7" belt, 2" deck, 5/3/2" turrets.
14 x 7.5" (7x2)
8 x 75mm (8x1)
4 x 18" torpedoes (2x2)
Crew: 800


AWS Atlantic - Service/Fate: Scrapped 1924

AWS Pacific - Service/Fate: Scrapped 1924


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