Hyperion Class Battleships.


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The Hyperion class ships were equivalent to the British King Edward VII class (what were to become known as semi-Dreadnoughts), but where the Hyperions differed is that the secondary armament used did not produce the problems with splash identification that the British and French had. They used 9.2" and 9.4" where the Atlanteans used a 7.5" gun. With 4x12" and 10x7.5" it was well armed. What also set these ships apart from their contemporaries was in the power plant due to the introduction of turbines through Alexander Vermuyden. The Atlanteans had stolen a march in the turbine stakes and fitted a 20,000shp plant that pushed the Hyperions through the water at a very respectable 20 knots. A good 2-3 knots faster than their peers.

Displacement: 16,000 tons standard, 19,750 tons full load
Dimensions:  497 x 82 x 26 feet
Machinery: 3 shaft, steam turbines, 20,000shp
Speed: 20 knots
Endurance: 7,000 miles at 12 knots
Armour: 10" belt, 2" deck, 10/6/3" turrets
4 x 12" (2x2)
10 x 7.5" (5x2)
6 x 4" (6x1)
4 x 25mm (4x1)

1 x 18" torpedo (1x1) submerged stem.
Crew: 780




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