Argentinian Ostfriesland Class.


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The ex Ostfriesland class battleships had been bought with the express purpose of using them in the future to provide the main guns and other fittings for two new battleships (See Santa Cruz). The remainder of the ships were used as the basis for what was considered to be very necessary parts of Argentinas plans for recapturing the Las Malvinas Islands. One was to be converted to a seaplane service and heavy repair vessel while the other was to be transformed into an anti-aircraft ship.

The Corrientes was rebuilt with the large hangar like area at the stern of the ship which housed the repair facilities for both the seaplanes and other ships that might require some repairs outside of what they could handle themselves. The area could also be partitioned off to house either troops or cadets depending on the use required of the ship as either a training ship or as an assault vessel that came with its own shore bombardment facilities. A few AA guns were fitted for harbour support. Being able to base long range recconnaisance flying boats from the Las Malvinas once the islands were occupied was a prime objective.

The Cordoba was rebuilt as the heavy AA ship with five pairs of twin 88mm L56 mountings. Four dual purpose gun directors controlled all quadrants of the airspace around the ship, or they could be fired from any one director for barrage firing. Both ships retained their original triple expansion engines as they were only to be used as convoy escorts or as harbour support vessels. High speed was not a necessity.


Displacement 24,000 tons std, 29,800 full load
Length 546.5 ft
Breadth 93.5 ft
Draught 26.5 ft
Machinery 4 shaft Triple-expansion 30,000shp
Speed 20 knots
Range 3400 miles at 12 knots
Armour 11.5" side, 3.4" deck, 12" turrets
Armament Corrientes

2 x 12" (1x2)

8 x 88mm (4x2)

4 x 37mm (2x2)

16 x 20mm (2x4, 8x1)


2 x 12" (1x2)

20 x 88mm (10x2)

6 x 37mm (3x2)

12 x 20mm (2x4, 4x1)

Aircraft up to 8 nil
Torpedoes nil
Complement 1200
Notes ARA Corrientes (exThuringen)

ARA Cordoba (exOstfriesland)


Ostfriesland class ships as they arrived in Argentinian waters in 1920. The overhead view show just how big these ships were.

Original drawings of the Ostfriesland Class in Argentinian service.

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