Shipbucket Comparisons:


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The following drawings are cut out of Shipbucket two-side and plan view drawings. They give a very good comparison between the original design and what was required to be done to the ship for it to be able to handle jets.


As can be seen from above it is a Centaur class CVL as completed. Below is the same ship with the hybrid (cheap) conversion to angle deck.


Almost no major structural changes have had to be made to bring the ship to an angled deck configuration. Below is slightly different.


Same ship class with full angle deck conversion, deck edge lifts, mirror landing sights, and all the other jet landing aides that had been discovered and implemented by 1966.

Below are two drawings of Victorious. One from completion in 1941, the other as she was rebuilt through to 1958.


It is interesting to see the Illustrious and Centaur classes by dimensions are very similar. The cost of converting Victorious meant that her sisters were not considered and were scrapped during the mid to later 1950's.


For Whittles jets to make an impact on the War At Sea during WW2 then conversions like drawing 2 will need to be available in 1942 while new construction of the Audacious / Malta classes in Britain and the Endeavour class in Australis will need to be completing with full conversions in the later part of 1943 early 1944.


 The biggest problem is the number and placement of the lifts/elevators so that they do not impede the movement of landing and taking off. Deck edge lifts are very handy when placed in a useable position. Where you can place your 'ready' aircraft, where you can park your recently landed aircraft till they can be struck below, both require space to be allocated and lifts placed properly to aid this movement without interfering with the other parts of the mobile airfield. Without being picky, both the Centaur and Victorious types are really too small to be effective angle deck carriers. They are certainly handy enough for a navy that does not have access to the very large CV's of the Audacious types (Ark Royal & Eagle) and bigger. 


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