Modern Day Comparisons:


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The next illustration shows the development of angled deck carriers from their prototypes in the 1950's through to the latest designs. The biggest increase is how big and powerful the catapults have to become to handle the bigger and heavier aircraft types.

To show how much work was done on the conversion of Victorious, the next two illustrations should give a few hints.


Probably one of the most dramatic comparison photos I have seen shows clearly the difference in size and power of the UK to US carriers.

Its all about balance - the US Nimitz type has about 50 feet extensions out from the hull on both port and starboard sides, balancing the weight of the angled deck with the bridge and deck edge lifts on the other side. As can be seen from the Ark Royal, this work of balance was smaller and kept the center-line lifts from hangar to flight deck which impairs aircraft movement and operations around the flight deck.


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