BAV Yaracuy (CL-1926 (1936-mod))


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The Yaracuy was the first of the new breed of Venezuelan designed ships using the ex-White Russian immigrant design staff. The ships were an improved Svetlana design (see Aragua) with the introduction and return to the 6" gun as main armament and the first triple turret for light cruisers. The design was far supperior to the current US Omaha type and was the best light cruisers around till the new types of the late 1930's.

The design had long low sleek hulls for maximum speed, and with 80,000shp on trials the ships made 33.8 knots. Standard speeds were 75,000shp for 32.5 knots. The ships weakest point was its smaller weaponry where only 4 x 75mm AA weapons were fitted. 4 smaller auto cannons firing one pound shells completed the gun armament. Two sets of triple torpedo tubes were fitted either side of the aft most funnel.

In 1935 the two ships went into US hands for refitting with the light guns being the lead item. the single 75mm guns were replaced with 6 single 5.1" guns in turrets, while the lighter guns were replaced with first 1.1" guns then 20mm and 40mm as those weapons became available. The silhouette of Yaracuy above is in the ships last version circa 1943-44.


Displacement 9,500 tons std 11,800 tons full load
Length 607 ft
Breadth 59 ft
Draught 26.5 ft
Machinery 4 shaft steam turbines, 75,500shp
Speed 32.5 knots
Range 5000 miles at 15 knots (2,000 nm at 30 knots)
Armour 3.5" side, 2" deck, 3" turrets
Armament Original 1926

12 x 6" (4x3)

4 x 75mm (4x1)

4 x 1pd (4x1)


Upgrade 1936

12 x 6" (4x3)

6 x 5.1" (6x1)

28 x 40mm (7x4)

14 x 20mm (14x1)

Aircraft nil
Torpedoes 6 x 21" (2x3)
Complement 620
Notes BAV Yaracuy


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